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And then there was this essential moment, a birthday when I felt the urgent need to return to my drawing board of my 10 years... It was an inevitable evidence.

Inès Khadraoui is a French artist born in 1962, in the suburbs of Paris, to immigrant parents. From a Spanish mother, she spent part of her childhood between Cantabria (Spain) and the Paris region (France). Her childhood memories will develop a strong attachment to Spanish culture. As a teenager, she was fond of the great artistic figures of the "Movida".

Nevertheless it is in Paris that she will spend her entire life. She still lives there today. Her first artistic education she owes to her mother, a talented seamstress who drew embroidery patterns, inspired by nature. Fascinated by her drawings, Inès will develop very young, an unlimited love for creation in all its forms and more particularly for drawing and painting to which she is initiated very early.

Despite a promising start and her attachment to art, Inès turned to design professions. A graduate of the CREAPOLE ESDI School of Applied Arts, she collaborates on numerous projects for communication agencies and for the women's press as artistic director, graphic designer, fashion illustrator, photographer. Her professional career will develop in her a mastery of digital technologies with regard to traditional drawing and a keen eye for the art of composition. Her pencil and her paint will nevertheless remain her privileged tools to express her thoughts.

Her meeting with Hassan Massoudi, a renowned Iraqi artist, both painter and calligrapher, led her to learn calligraphy for several years. We find her calligraphic influences in some of the artist's works.

Her art is in short the culmination of this period of creative frenzy of twenty years and which she needed to nourish to bring out her own artistic vision. His works skilfully mix the artistic influences linked to his history.

She naturally turns to abstraction which allows her to catalyze her artistic sensibility from different horizons into a single expression. She is particularly fond of this unformalized freedom of expression  which highlights her raw sensitivity and refocuses the human at the heart of our lives.

At the same time, she has been engaged in introspective work for several years, promoting the connection between body and mind. The sensory experimentation that her painting gives her through her gestures is a central element in her approach and gives her works an energetic dimension, constantly in motion.. Her painting is neither in the past nor in the future. It is attached to the present moment, to the moment of the act of creation.




ITSLIQUID International Contest 7th Edition 2020 - Nominated- Venice, Italy



HOME & GARDEN Magazine

No. 150 - December 2022

"Portraits of Artists"



ART SHOPPING (October 21-23)

International Contemporary Art Fair Carrousel du Louvre - Paris, France

Art KARLSRUHE (July 7-10)

(represented by Galerie Javier Romàn) / Messe Karlsruhe - Karlsruhe, Germany


ART SHOPPING (June 2021)

International Contemporary Art Fair Carrousel du Louvre - Paris, France

Sleepless Night - David Cha Gallery

Paris, France


Art Project - Miami Art fair

 Miami, USA


Art session - Sonia Monti Gallery

 Paris, France

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